July 22, 2014

Jon & Kate, TLC & CROOKED SPONSORS……. "All for the kids"

Before I write this post. Let me preface this by saying… I know that I obviously added to the problem by tuning into the “Jon & Kate Big Announcement” show.

But lets talk Morals.

TLC, do you have any morals left? honestly?? or did you sell your soul to the devil? Im thinking its very possible. You are a Family Friendly Channel… what you are standing by, documenting and cashing in on is the distruction of a family. True that your program once brought them great fame and fortune, however right now that same fame and fortune is clearly leaving greater (and more permanent) damage to 6 very young and innocent children. Would Jon and Kate still be together had it not been for the fame, etc— maybe, maybe not. That is not really the point.

The point is your show is enabling the exploitation of these kids. Divorce is hard enough, but to add a camera to it– for all the world, neighbors, and friends to see. Are you prepared for paying for 6 lifetimes of counseling? Its TERRIBLE… and just when I thought TLC couldn’t sink any lower— THEY DID. The Jon & Kate – a family in turmoil “SPECIAL”?? Is that REALLY NECESSARY?

And in every interview Jon and Kate say over and over “everything is for the kids”… clearly they have obviously lost touch with “reality” and are not able to focus with all the glare of the media frenzy that sounds them…. Is it not TLC’s social responsibility to
PULL THE SHOW?? or AT THE VERY LEAST say hey! lets take a break for a season or two while the family adjusts and works through this time.

And I have to say another thing that got me SO mad this episode-

THE CROOKED HOUSE people (Whom I refuse to link to AT ALL but picture to look like this:)

To me, it was the most obvious product placement I had ever seen… and to see those kids being used— donned in logo t-shirts and saying the company name OVER AND OVER .. as those guys pretended to be their friend… GROSS! ABSOLUTELY GROSS.

I was twittering during the show about this… and to my surprise I got a response from THE CROOKED people (ironic name, if you ask me) ….

They claimed they were just trying to make the kids smile, assured me they are all for kids and their happiness… and that they donate to charity etc etc. UM memo to crooked peeps… LOTS of people donate to charity— NOT a lot of people would USE children and their family’s demise to their advantage for publicity. Don’t get me wrong- their overly priced play houses were cute… Im sure they are great products– but the sleezy publicity cry? DISGUSTING…. and just to further prove my point… I decided to look into the CROOKED Twitter Timeline… and found this tweet in response to how much publicity they recieved from their appearance on J&K:

“Publicity was high enough to crash our —- site – even when we thought we were ready! “

Say Whhaaa?? no way!! I really believed they were “doing it for the kids”. ((rolling my eyes))

TLC, Jon, Kate, Crooked Sponsors— if you want to do something ‘for the kids’ let them have a healthy childhood with 2 level headed parents, and people who do not look at them with dollar signs in their eyes!

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  • JJ Keith

    I feel ya. I watched and complained the whole time about the heavy handed product placement. I died inside when I saw the kids in crooken tees. I'm torn. I hate it. Why do I watch? Argh!

  • Alicia W.

    You couldn't have said it any better!

  • Courtney and the Boys

    I watched, too. My heart just breaks for those kids and I just wish they would ditch the show and get their priorities straight. I just feel like they think they "have" to continue with the show to earn huge amounts of money to "provide" for their children. Well, I know of plenty of large families who get by just fine without million dollar estates. What a child needs most is to feel secure in his/her family by knowing his/her parents are in a loving, secure relationship with each other. Oh how sad.

  • Tenakim

    bravo, dear! I have boycotted for a while, but finally curiousity got the best of me and I tuned in- The Crooked crap made me want to throw up!

  • Anonymous

    It reminds me of the Truman show but it is real……

  • Annie

    How bad is it that I loved those houses enough to think about looking them up?!?!?
    Sad all around, isn't it?
    I did see this morning that the show was taking a "brief hiatus" from filming for awhile. How long? I wonder….

  • Krystyn

    The whole thing is really sad. When this season first premiered with all of the magazines and stuff I was saying to my hubby "why won't TLC pull the plug?"

    Those poor kids. I'm sure they love going to school hearing about their parent's divorce. What a horrible place to put their kids.

  • Anti-Supermom

    I just got cable this weekend and it was one of the first things I tuned into. It's so sad (and I'm sad for watching it…).

    Doing it for the kids, my a$$.