Martha Stewart & I hang … (at The Blog Show)

So yes, the rumors are true. Martha and I are BFF’s.  I know what you are thinking.. No way! You’re so Complicated & flakey… – Martha’s so perfect & together. I can’t really explain it- it just works.

It really all began around Christmas time when she presented me with this :

and I was all…  “Martha,  you shouldn’t have”

… and she was all “O, stop! like you didn’t know”

and I was like ‘true’…

and then she said

“Well since I’ve recently become an avid blogger and tweeter thanks to the guiding light you and all of your fabulous bloggy friends have shone on me,  I wanted to invite you all over and dedicate an entire show to all of you”

Well,  I didn’t know what else to say besides “UM,, hell yea!” … and so we took out our calendars and set a date. Martha’s calendar was wide open,  but you know– me being Complicated, and my friends being Blog-stars and all.. we had to schedule our get together in the new year… that day was today.

When I first arrived at Martha’s pad… I have to say I was a little creeped out.

She is totally “That friend”… you know-  kinda single white female.

I mean, she decorated her entire set to look EXACTLY like my house!

Name Decor?


… A greenhouse filled with plants?

…Prep cooks?

Identities hidden due to child labor laws,.. to protect the innocent

… Could she stalk me any more??

When I confronted her on it, she apologized and said assured me it wasn’t stalking  but merely inspiration.. and well- who am I to stand in the way of being Martha Stewart’s muse ?  I decided to take it as a compliment and move on.

The visit was quite lovely. The atmosphere cozy, the staff welcoming… though I must say I couldn’t help but feel Martha’s hostessing skills were a bit lacking when she cooked some delicious smelling Pad Thai with fellow blogger Pim —- and never offered even a taste!  Its ok though, I am sure she was just super nervous having us all there.  Totally understandable, we’ve all been there- right?

We chatted with some of her other blog friends who have built their blogs around their love for Martha’s cookbooks and crafts (very a-la- Julie & Julia), got to catch up with her daughter, Did you know she and her more entertaining friend Jennifer host The Whatever Martha  Radio Show? Yes, she’s still got a little bit of angry teenager in her- but .. ::tear:: she’s gotten so big.

When Alexis was done embarrassing mom with statements like -(I don’t blog because) ‘I have like an actual job’, we shook our rump shakers to Adam Lambert’s “For your entertainment” and just enjoyed some good old fashion girl talk– including  fashion tips!

Martha reccommends these shoes for... um.. entertaining.

In short,

Visiting with your BFF is always lots of fun, but when your BFF is Martha Stewart… its just a bit cooler. .. And well since I’m sure you will see me all over the TV, and your twitter streams have been swamped with #blogshow hashtags… I felt it was time to come clean and full disclose my BFF-dom with M-Stew (Inside joke-  Sorry).

Anyway, you’ve officially received the memo.




  1. LOL!!! I watched the show and tried to see if I could recognize any bloggers, but they scanned through them so fast!! It looked like a really fun show to be at (and I agree, the least she could have done was pass out some Pad Thai – or the cake!!)

    • They caught the side of my face at the very beginning and that was it… which is totally ok with me lol

  2. Ok, seriously how funny are you. Great recap. Love the house comparison. LMAO

    • What? like you dont see the similarities?? ;) lol

  3. Oh my gosh, what a great post. I've enjoyed every word of it. I can only hope to get such a cool BFF. Maybe Rachel Ray isn't taken? LOL So glad you had a nice time. Thanks for sharing.

    • I actually heard Rachel was taking apps for a BFF.. I can see if Martha can pull some strings and get yours to the top. You know those cook-y types…- they stick together. ;)

      Thx! :)

  4. How did you post already! You are too funny! I loved the post. I had so much fun.

  5. That is so funny! Love the photo comparisons!

  6. OMG awesome post! Love the photo comparisons and you are so lucky to have gone! How did you find out about it?

    • I was inivited by another blogger. Apparently they had a call out on twitter
      for bloggers and you had to sign up.

      I didnt see it :(

  7. So bummed that I we didn't officially meet LOL but so glad to have been there. Lots of new peeps to follow on Twitter,etc…cute post ;)

    • Thanks! .. Im so jealous that you got to sit so close! :)

      Hope to really meet soon!

  8. This post is so funny! Laughing out loud trying not to wake the sleeping child next to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE the comparisons.

  9. Cute way to review the trip. Glad to meet you!

  10. Loved reading this and I can't believe I missed you at the show!! I'm actually in your picture from when she threw her leg up on the table. Well, part of me is…my right arm, left hand, and my camera! You have such an awesome BFF…totally loved seeing Martha and I must say that Martha looked hot in those shooooooes!

  11. That is awesome that you got go and enjoy the show. Love how you did the post! Great and entertaining.

  12. i love that you got a snapshot of that shoe picture! that was amazing! i love how she said “I got them on sale!”

  13. i love that you got a snapshot of that shoe picture! that was amazing! i love how she said “I got them on sale!”



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