Miley Cyrus smokes weed- and picks REALLY crappy friends- Shocker.

Today, a video of Miley Cyrus smoking pot “natural (though still illegal) herbs” surfaced on TMZ.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever blogged about Miley before- probably not.

Though I know that I have most certainly tweeted about her and her pole dancing on award shows and how I am predicting she is the next Lohan. I am not a fan.

But this latest “incriminating” video actually breaks my achey breaky heart for her– just a smidgen (though I still wouldn’t want my kids to hang out/date/look up to- her).

Miley is 18.

Granted she has been poorly managed and treated as an adult in an adult world for years, TYVM Mom & Dad (but that’s whole other post entirely).

There are reasons 18 year olds are not allowed to run for president- one being they are not the best decision makers.

At 18 you have the “will never happen to me attitude”. You know it all and nothing a all at the same time… and making yourself look or sound like an ass is pretty much your job.

You are finding who you are… and who your friends are…. and unfortunately for Miley- that lesson in friendship 101 was broadcast all over the internet ….along with her embarrassing herself and her family

And to me, listening to her friend shooting the video was the saddest part.

In the video it is so clear that Miley was set up by her “friends”. They were sure to get her taking a hit with the bong, get good close ups of her. And I am sure the girl shooting the video had on her BFF charm when she was attempting to coerce a hallucinating Miley to confess something on video tape as she insisted “Tell us what’s on your mind girl, Tell us what’s on your mind.”

Even a high-as-a-kite Miley stopped to ask at one point “Is she acting as weird as I think she’s acting right now?” …. um, yeah- girlfriend, she is.

Today being a “mean girl” is easier & more brutal than ever thanks to internet blackmail.

And I’m just saying even as a “Mommy Blogger”, who lives and breathes the internet and all of its sharing ability…. sometimes the internet scares me.

Though I must say, I do love how the “friends” made sure their faces were blurred out— you know, for privacy of the innocent.



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  1. says

    I have a ton of salvia plants. I had no idea that people were smoking it. This gives “I’m going out to garden” a whole new meaning for me. Poor Miley. She’s an idiot. Not sure there’s a cure for it.

    • says

      I have never heard of Salvia before. I guess that makes me old?… behind in the times?

      And yes- she is an idiot and No there is most definitely not a cure for it. She is the next Lohan.

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