Casey Anthony free to have more children?!?

Today’s post was not suppose to be about Casey Anthony…. but after the jury came to their verdict, finding Casey Anthony not guilty of ANYTHING but lying to law officials. I couldn’t help but blog.

I. am. furious.

While I never believed she would be found guilty of 1st degree murder, I never thought she would be let off so easily. I thought definitely aggravated child abuse- most probably manslaughter; but no. Nothing.

What gets me more mad is thinking that she will go on to profit from this whole media circus- and even though I know all she will say will be LIE, AFTER LIE and I will get even more mad for that poor little baby….  I will watch, read what she has to say- holding out hope that we will get some insight into that twisted head of hers- & I know I am not alone.

This trial fascinated so many for so many different reasons. Jose Baez (her defense lawyer) stated he thought the fascination was because she was young, beautiful… and white. I thought I personally found it so fascinating because of the LIES and BEHAVIOR of this woman who’s 2 year old was “missing” (or dead) for 31 days!

As a mother, it hit home. I know I can’t go in my own backyard losing sight of my kids for 2 minutes without panicking. I can’t even fathom not seeing them for 31 days OR finding something terrible happened to them- and just carrying on- life as usual. And the LIES. The lies she told so effortlessly- it’s disturbing.

But what is more disturbing, is that this woman who was more concerned to speak with her boyfriend while in jail, than to help her family find her daughter- will walk. She will get to live her “Bella Vita” as her tattoo states– and worse, she will be able to reproduce.

Did you follow the trial? What were your thoughts?



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  1. Rebecca says

    I am with you 100%! this whole fiasco was absurd & the jurors & Casey should never be able to sleep again. Period. End of story.

  2. Andie Multiplemama says

    That is what I can not even begin to come to terms with.  How do you lose a child for more than a minute without screaming it from the hilltops and sending out the hounds?

  3. Chrissymacceo says

    I completley agree.  I have sat down to write a post several time but just can’t.  I have so many thoughts.  Like you, I didn’t think it would be first degree murder but she was obviously guilty of several things.  How could the jury not see that?  It’s a shame.  She’ll want, she’ll profit, she’ll reproduce.  But worse, others will commit crimes with her in mind hoping that THEY, too, get away with murder….literally.

  4. Joanie19046 says

    that is all I could think about…her having more children.  Someone please have her spayed or neutered asap.

  5. says

    You are so right and thanks for sharing your thoughts and pointing out what so many of us are also thinking and feeling….  FURIOUS!!!  It sums it up for me and then some….  I never thought I would witness another case of injustice after the whole OJ goes free back in the mid 90’s.  But here we are again and this time it feels worse.  This time I am a mother now, and it feels personal.  No one deserves to have their life taken from them so suddenly, but especially a child.  Sad Sad day…

  6. A Mommy in the City says

    I wrote a post about this yesterday after I heard the verdict.  I was so full of emotion that the only thing that would make me feel better was to sit down and write.  The sad thing is, now that she is walking, we have no control of what she does with her life. I am afraid that she has let this attention get to her head and will do something even more disgusting.  This whole situation is just so upsetting. 

  7. Sekangel88 says

    Like OJ there are going to be places that refuse to serve her. If CPS were competant, they wouldn’t allow Casey to raise any child she would have after what she did to poor Caylee or at least keep watch on the child. I’m surprised as well with the verdict since she should have gotten charged with child neglect. It is considered neglect to not report a child missing and party instead. Hopefully thanks to Caylee’s law, another tragedy would be prevented. Why does it take a tragedy for people to move forward? Every child that dies and they come out with a law with the child’s name to prevent another one from happening when it could have been prevented!!!

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