July 26, 2014

Moonlighting as a music video director

Yesterday, The Toy Insider released their Hot 20 list for holiday.

I know. I haven’t gotten Halloween costumes yet and can’t wrap my head around Christmas right now either. Crazy, right? But it *is*  the end of September, so I suppose it *is* the beginning of the holiday season. {Fa-lala-la-la… la-la…la…la.}

Since I work with the panel of experts at The Toy Insider year round on various projects, when the list came out I kept getting asked “So which of these toys do YOU think are really cool? What are*your* kids playing with or asking for?

I recorded a video blog to answer those questions,  but since the lighting was all dark and creepy (even though I had tons of lights), and I was dying from a cold and looked like death, I decided to spare you all the scary sight and to put my personal favorites from Hot 20 list in a music video.

Way more fun than watching me looking like the crypt keeper amongst toys, trust me!

So below I present to you the debut of Complicated Mama’s Favorites

from  “Toy Insider Hot 20″ list:

Oh, and if I had to pick any one item from the list? HANDS DOWN it is the LeapPad. My kids (3 and 6) La-la-LOVE it.  It’s not slow like some of the past kids electronic items that have come out. The graphics are awesome, its touch screen, tilt-screen and they have everything from Apps, to books, to a built in camera and a launching puppy game that is similar to Angry Birds!

For real- $99 and worth every. single. penny.


Shameless client plug here- The Toy Insider is giving away toys from their hot list all season long. Follow them on Facebook and enter! This week they’re giving away LiteSprites World, which if I had to pick only 2 toys from the list, Lite Sprites would be my other choice. SO cute.

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