Create Your Own Pumpkin Carving Template Using Your Own Pics!

It’s pumpkin carving time!

Ok, so maybe you’ve already carved your pumpkin (if so, you probably already bought your kids Halloween costumes too, show off!) But if you are like me and are late to the pumpkin carving game, yesterday I stumbled across this really cool new App Starbucks added to their Facebook page!

Create Your Own Pumpkin Carving Template

Through the App you can upload your own photo and it produces a a template pumpkin carving.

To show you an example, I did one with an old headshot.

Ok, so somehow my nose disappeared- but I think that would be easy enough to fix when carving. Also, there is an option to make the picture more or less detailed. Choosing more detail probably would have included my nose, but over all I liked this one best for example purposes.

How fun would it be to do one of each family member?

So there you go,  another reason to love Starbucks at Halloween time… as if their Pumpkin Spice Lattes weren’t reason enough.

You can upload your pics and see their gallery here.

Also- if you have an Angry Bird fan in your house (and really, who doesn’t?) check out this  Angry Bird Carving Tutorial on Life Without Pink!



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    This is cool! Real interesting App!

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