Flat Out In LOVE with Healthy Meal Makeovers

Here at the Complicated Chateau, we are always looking for ways to give our favorite “guilty pleasure” meals a healthy makeover. If we can make it over and get the kids to eat it too, even better!

Making over meals is something I was first inspired to do, after discovering Hungry Girl  years ago. She truly inspired me to think differently about the way I prepare meals at home.

After devouring (pun intended) the many, many Hungry Girl books that are out there, you start to add new staples to your shopping list… Egg substitutes replace eggs, High fiber cereals become your new in-home breadcrumbs, and FlatOut Bread makes your sandwiches low calorie and high in fiber!

I am a bread lover (it was seriously my only pregnancy craving with my son. Yes, bread.). Being able to makeover my favorite sandwiches and wraps with FlatOut Bread was HUGE for me- the only problem was that it was hard to find!


This year, Walgreens is teaming up with Hungry Girl and bringing an exclusive Hungry Girl line of FlatOut FoldIt bread to their stores! {Hoo-rray!!}

Seriously, a plethora of 100 calorie FlatOut Bread- both the Hungry Girl FoldIt and the original wraps.

Hungry Girl Flat Out Bread At Walgreens 2013

As you can see from my shopping cart, I was panicked that other people in our area would find out about this, so I stocked up. You can freeze them, you know!

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What I love about FlatOut bread is that they don’t “taste healthy” – you know what I mean. FlatOut bread is far tastier than other low cal bread I’ve tried– and in addition to being perfect for cold lunches, they also make for amazing hot wraps, panini’s, … and my favorite…. pizza!

We all know that I am all about meals that look like they took way longer to make than they do, and the meals you can makeover with FlatOut Bread are all super quick to whip up!

Healthy Meal Makeovers Hungry Girl FlatOut

From Left To Right:
Feta Cheeseburger
Toasted Egg, Avocado & Bacon
HG’s Cheesed-Up Burgerama Sliders
Very Veggie Pizza (<– For meat lovers, I’d add some turkey pepperoni)

Here are 2 recipes I made for my family, all prepared around 15 minutes.

Turkey Meatball Parm Panini

Turkey Meatball Parm Panini

These Turkey Meatball Panini's were a HUGE hit. My son asked for seconds!


  • - 2 Frozen Turkey Meatballs (per sandwich)
  • - Jarred Pasta Sauce
  • - Part-Skim Mozzerella Cheese


  1. - Heat meatballs in microwave following the instructions on package
  2. - Spread pasta sauce on FlatOut Foldit bread (both sides
  3. - Sprinkle shredded mozzerella cheese
  4. - Cut meatballs in half and top one half of the FlatOut Foldit bread
  5. - Fold bread and grill in pan til' golden brown

Cori's Flat Out BEST Chicken Salad Wrap

Cori's Flat Out BEST Chicken Salad Wrap


  • - FlatOut Wrap Bread
  • - Shredded Chicken (I cheated and used a rotisserie from the supermarket)
  • - Low-fat Mayo
  • - 1/2 cup of cranberries
  • - 1/2 cup of almonds
  • - Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. - In a bowl mix all ingredients
  2. - Scoop 1/2 cup of the salad and place in the center of wrap
  3. - Wrap it up and enjoy!


*This post was sponsored by The Motherhood and Walgreens. All Thoughts expressed are my own.



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