Valentine’s Day At Home Date Night Ideas

While the hubby and I love to get out for date night, we both agree that Valentine’s Day is not always the best for a night out. The restaurants are packed, dinner is rushed… in our experience and our opinion, it’s just not enjoyable and definitely not romantic.

That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a special Valentine’s Day date night though! Your home is the perfect place- it’s cozy, it’s on your time, it’s not loud  –or expensive – and you can be creative!

Dine-In Date Night


Valentine's Day How To Dine In Date Night

Cook your favorite meal. Select a 3 course meal and prepare it together. Omaha Steaks has a wide variety of premium steaks, meats and other gourmet foods that are seasoned (desserts fully prepared) and delivered to your doorstep. This is a great way to cook together, without the mess.

Create your own wine tasting. Purchase 3-4 different wines and sample them through out dinner. Pictured above is Remole Toscana wine, one of my new favorites. If you’re looking for a new wine to taste, give it a try during your sampling!

Get know each other even better. We think we know all there is to know about our partners and spouses, sometimes it is fun to quiz each other and see who knows who better. Table Topics for couples is perfect for this fun dinner conversation! This box set comes with 135 questions.

Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane


Take a walk down memory lane date night

– Remember your biggest moments together. Break out old photo albums and recall your oldest and best memories, OR create a new album together. Couldn’t we all use a day to FINALLY print out some of those great digital pictures on your hard drive? Snapfish has some great pre made digital albums that you can easily pop your digital pictures into. Make a book to recall your family’s year, or even your wedding!

– Reminisce about your travels together. Do you have a memory box of ticket stubs? Airline tickets? Go through them and recall all the places you’ve been together. The road trip map art pictured above is a super cute gift / activity you can do on your memory lane date night. The map marks up to 10 locations you’ve traveled with your partner, and can be framed.

– Revisit the memories you shared together online. Today it seems at least 1/2 of every couple is on Instagram. Me and my hubby are both HUGE instagram addicts. There are tons of ways you can print out your instagram memories to recall your latest shares together. has a service that allows you to create calendars and even print out mini-pictures for an Instagram  Memory Box!


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