Family Movie Night Idea: Movie Bingo {Printables}

As much as I love getting out and going to the movie theaters, there is just something about a Family movie night at home that I kind of love even more.

Maybe it’s being able to watch a movie in our PJs, or being able to snuggle under our comfiest blanket. Maybe it’s saving money on overpriced, over-buttered theater popcorn by just being able to pop in some Pop-Secret in the microwave… or maybe it’s being able to pause the movie when our 4 year old has her inevitable need for a bathroom break. Really, the list of reasons to love an at-home movie night go on and on.

The kids LOVE it too, so we try to hold a family movie night at our home at least twice a month– which is nice way to unplug and just enjoy some time together.

This past weekend the kids were asking to to play a board game, so we had a Family Movie Night Idea that let game night meet movie night –

Movie Night Bingo!

At Home Movie Night Bingo Game Cards Printables _2013

Movie Night Bingo is a combo of Bingo and I-Spy, really.

Each movie viewer gets a card. Each card is filled with pictures of actions that commonly happen in movies, such as: Fall in love, Magic performed, Laughing, Gift giving, Shopping, etc.

When you see one of these things happen in the movie you are watching you mark it off, first one to get BINGO (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins!

I created 6 randomized versions of the Bingo Card and printed them out 2 to a page onto card stock.

At Home Family Movie Night Bingo-1

(Link for printable Movie Bingo Cards at the end of this post)

Initially, I had used a square paper-punch to create markers, but the kids decided they preferred using their popcorn as markers instead. Which, really? Was definitely more fun than plain ol’ paper markers anyway.

At Home Family Movie Night Ideas_ Bingo Card Printables_ PopSecret

The kids were over the moon with our movie night/ game night combo… and so were we, because as parents, multitasking is our middle name.

I think these little game cards could make a really cute game for a sleepover party too.

Download The Printable

{You can download our Movie Bingo Cards here}

At Pop Secret, we love movies as much as you love movies. So we’re on a

04_Poster_MovieNight_Smallmission to make movie watching and popcorn even more social and fun. We’re sharing a bunch of apps, tools, and fun partnerships with everyone over at our hub, Pop Secret Labs (  Keep checking back to try ‘em all out and give us feedback. The more you get involved, the better all of our movie experiences will be. See you there!



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