7 Ultimate Nautical Home Decor Ideas

First, I would like to introduce you to today’s Complicated Mama Guest Contributor, Tammy Cedar.

Tammy is a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a ridiculously  talented New Jersey lifestyle photographer who can capture beauty in just about everything she sees. –For serious, you need to follow her on the gram. She also rocks at painting, raiding Sephora, airbrushing makeup and dishing girl talk over coffee… or a cocktail ;)  You will be seeing much more of Tammy’s amazing work and get to know her better through her posts. This… is her first.

Take it away, Tammy!


Do you ever just get bored with a room in your home? I find myself switching around furniture and brainstorming new decor ideas – All. The. Time.

Stepping inside the Asbury Ocean Beach Inn, recently, gave me inspiration to uplift my family room decor with some fresh simplistic Nautical Home Decor Ideas that include gorgeous subtle colors and accents.

The natural beauty of the rooms in this Victorian Bed and Breakfast home were enhanced with crisp whites, splashes of serene nautical greens and blues, and sea themed accents.

Spring is the perfect time to think through the colors and the ambiance you want your home to reflect this summer. Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, beach/nautical home decorating can be quite simple with the below tips!

7 Simple Decor Tips For A Dream Nautical/Beach Room

1.Change out the bed duvets, to lighter colors and light weight linens for the warmer months ahead. 

photo credit: Tammy Cedar Photography

photo credit: Tammy Cedar Photography

2. Bring your home’s landscaping color pallet into your living room and entertaining areas.

Sea nautical themed home decor accent pieces

3. Add color with fresh flower arrangements, think– yellow with lemons in your dinning or kitchen area.

Simplistic Relaxing Home Decor Tips Serenity

4. Reinvent your bedroom with a few accented pillows. Tangerine is a great for a pop of color.

5.  Simple home accents can enhance the beach theme to any room. 

Bird accents mint green aqua home decor accents

Photo credit: Tammy Cedar Photography

6. Switch your curtains and throw rug to a lighter color or white in your family room.

7. Last but not least, don’t forget to add pops of color to all your rooms, color blocking is big in home decor for 2013!


Have you seen any great pieces for this theme while out shopping or have any additional ideas? Share them in the comments!



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