April 20, 2014

Summer Must Have: Plastic Mason Jar Straw Cups!

Today while perusing the isles of our local Costco, I discovered two things.

1.- The masses do not crave sparkling water as much as my unborn child, and therefore

Costco does not carry bulk Pelligrino or Perrier Water. (Whomp! Whomp!)

2.- They DO carry incredibly cute plastic Mason Jar Straw Cups!!

plastic mason jar straw cups -1

How perfect are these for summer time beverages?!?

Sold at Costco in a 3 pack for $19.99, I scooped these babies up- two for the kiddos and one for me ;)

These summertime sippy’s are BPA free, dishwasher safe and have straws with a stopper at the end so they can not be pulled out. The 3 pack that we purchased even came with extra straws. (Score!)

If you do not have a Costco membership, or don’t really need 3 of them, I learned through my Instagram friends that Walmart also sells these individually for $7.

You’re welcome ;)

xo Cori

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  • http://yummommy.blogspot.com/ YUMMommy

    I love those plastic mason jars!

  • Cali Mom

    I love these cups! I can’t find them at our costco stores in Southern California :(

    • http://www.complicatedmama.com Complicated Mama

      Oh no! I hear they have similar ones at Walmart. Maybe you can try there?

  • To-Lan Tran

    <3 Pelligrino, however being a stay at home of 3, I cut corners buying poland spring sparkling water. 6 pks available on sale quite often. a cheaper substitute is seltzer(which you can purchase by the case). My favs are raspberry lime, and orange. I craved wild cherry slurpees which were much worse then the sparkling water that filled the craving perfectly. The bubbles helped with my heartburn.

  • Sallita

    Do you have an item #? I’m trying to find these in CT! Thank you!!!

  • Eldonna

    A while back I found one at Walmart, only one. It is double wall insulated and very nice. I think it was much less that $7.00. It keeps the drink very nice. We have our own well with great water, I generally use it for my water.

  • Mommyofthreeboys

    Try here http://www.cherishedblessings.net/product/plastic-mason-jars-12oz They have 8oz, 12oz, and 17oz sizes. Cute!