Inside The Strut Moms Show At Lincoln Center + Look For Me Talking About My Bum In A Cottonelle TV Commercial {Squee!}

It’s now been over two weeks since the very surreal moment I walked the runway at Lincoln Center for Cottonelle and the RBaby Foundation. I promised some pics and some more info about my involvement with Cottonelle for this project.

And being that today is the launch of Cottonelle’s “Let’s Talk Bums” Fashion Week commercial on CBS (more on that below),  which highlights the night and the experience of me and my fellow Cottonelle Mama’s – {squee!!}, I thought today was the perfect day to share some more!

Cottonelle Mom Ambassadors At Fashion Week New York 2013

The Cottonelle Mama’s Ready To Take On The Catwalk!

(L to R: Me, Cait “The Honest Mother”, Melissa “Married My Sugar Daddy“, and Brianne “Stroller In The City“)

Glam me up!

Isn’t getting your hair styled the best thing ever? I recently got extensions put in my hair (which I’ll report more on once I’ve had them in for a full month), so I was loving the long loose curls the hair stylists were dolling up the Mom-models with.

Strut Moms Fashion Show 2013 NYFW

The hair stylists were using the Sarah Potema Beach Waver that night, which is a curling iron that rotates and winds the hair with just a click of a button. I didn’t get to actually try it myself, but the process did go fast and the curls stayed put!Once hair and makeup was complete, I took a little sneak peek at the runway in all its glory.

And that’s when reality set in! …. Oh. My. God. This is real.

My shoes! O no! What shoes did they pick out? What if I can’t balance the belly? … What if the dress doesn’t fit!?! We were able to practice our strut before the show, so I raced back to get ready… cause I definitely need the practice. A

Although I did have to change my shoes after my test-walk, I’m happy to report it all worked out and I did not fall on my face.

Corine Ingrassia Mom Fashion Blogger- Walks The Runway At Lincoln Center For Cottonelle

I wore a cobalt blue Chiara Boni dress that was not maternity,but embraced the bump nicely.

The gorgeous rouching on one side makes it a dress that is flattering for all figures.

Sadly the $625 price tag? Made it something I had to return back to Bloomies.

Whomp, Whomp.

During the show, Cottonelle unvieled a one of a kind Cottonelle Couture dress, designed by and made completely out of toilet paper!

Cottonelle Couture NYFW Strut Moms Show 2013

And let me tell you, the fab Cait Buchane ROCKED. IT….. along with her Cottonelle Wipes clutch.

 It. Was. Awesome.

Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014

The experience was so empowering and I was honored to have teamed up with Cottonelle to be part of this incredible night of fashion and join these gorgeous ladies on the runway.


I was also SO very happy that both James and my mother were able to be there to experience it with me.

As an attendee of the star studded Fashion Week, their experience was much different than mine and I loved hearing about the fun the had spotting celebs both on the runway and in the crowd.

Strut Moms Show 2013 NYFW  Complicatedmama Corine Ingrassia

They spotted the Hilton Sisters, helped “Help Me Howard” take a picture, posed for a pic with former Yankee, Jorge Pasada, and my mother’s favorite Miami Housewife (twice … because the first one was blurry, so my Mom tracked her down again for a do-over.  My mom kills me. ha )

And then when it was all over,  my husband’s teenage dreams came true when he got to snap a pic with Melissa Joan Hart, which he immediately instagrammed with the caption “And, she explained it all” .

Seriously look at that grin below! He is hilarious.


So What About The Commercial???

During both the fitting and the Strut Moms Fashion Show, Cottonelle and CBS were documenting the model’s experience getting ready for the runway.

We spoke with Cottonelle Spokesperson, Cherry Healy, (whose British accent I am incredibly jealous of) about the Cottonelle Care Routine and shared our before and after thoughts on the show.

And TODAY, I’m excited to tell you… that commercial has begun airing on CBS!

My mother in law has already seen it during the CBS morning show today.

cottonelle tv 3


It will air two more times today, once during the Rachel Ray Show and again during the CBS 5 o’clock news.

Yes, I will be on National TV  talk about my how I care for my derrière.


Just sayin– If you are a parent, or have ever changed a diaper in your life… you know what’s back there. Toilet paper is not enough, and what’s good for baby’s bum is good for mine. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Cottonelle Care Routine New York Fashion Week Public Bathrooms

If you aren’t able to see me talk about my how I care for my derrière on national TV, there is always YouTube!  Watch the Cottonelle Mom’s strut their bums down that runway!


Disclosure: Cottonelle is a paid partner of I teamed up for the Lets Talk Bums campaign as as Cottonelle brand ambassador during the Strut Moms Fashion Show. All experiences and thoughts expressed are my own.



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