November 26, 2014


We’re complicated, but it’s cool.

Regardless of what some may say, life does not end after having kids. We can’t offer ways to “do it all, “have it all”, or “be it all” (uh?…)  – because frankly, you can’t – Not every day, anyway.

Some days you’re mother of the year — sun-kissed and perfect hair, out for date night or business dinner after a banner day with the kids—  other days you’re rocking your coffee-stained yoga pants, with a screaming child between your feet and feeling like you’re crossing nothing off that to-do list.

It’s give and take.

It’s up and down. It’s real life.

It’s Complicated.

Complicated Mama is a weekly round up newsletter and growing Youtube community that’s buzzing with all that’s good in fashion, beauty and travel for busy ladies with big dreams!

We don’t do advice and we don’t do preachy (seriously, who really has the answers?!). This is a digital space for modern women who follow their passion and dreams, no matter what life throws their way!

Curated by Corine Ingrassia— lifestyle expert, seasoned blogger and mom of three — Complicated Mama seeks to un-complicate the complicated and carve out a little calm in the minds of women across the country, one tip and fab find at a time!

Featured in New Beauty Magazine, New York Family Magazine, and Harper Collins “Digital Mom Handbook”, Complicated Mama began in 2008 and collectively reaches more than 27,000 followers, fans and subscribers!


Cottonelle- Fashion Week 2013

Stanley Steemer House Call – 2011

Oscar Mayer – 2009


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