“There comes a time in your life when you focus on what you believe is right regardless of what everyone else is doing”

— Alexander McQueen

057CorineWe’re complicated, but it’s cool.

Today’s parent is much more multi-faceted than generations past. We are living in a fast high-tech world and always “on”. We are hands-on with our kids, while pursuing personal dreams. We travel with the kids, without the kids– and without apology.  We want to be up on the latest fashion trends, Pinterest recipes, indulge in our favorite guilty pleasures and be able to mentally download it all over a cup of coffee, but alas we are all working with the same 1440 minutes in our day.

So some days we’re mother of the year — sun-kissed and perfect hair, out for date night after a banner day with the kids—  other days we’re rocking our coffee-stained yoga pants, with a screaming child between our feet and feeling like we’ve crossing nothing off that to-do list.

It’s give and take.

It’s up and down. It’s real life.

It’s Complicated.

What you will find here

Complicated Mama is buzzing with fashion, home and travel goodness.

We don’t do advice and we don’t do preachy (seriously, who really has the answers?!). This is a digital space for modern women who are redefining their life and dreams with style and moxie.

Curated by Corine Ingrassia— lifestyle expert, seasoned blogger and mom of three — Complicated Mama seeks to virtually inspire you to “think different”, indulge in those guilty pleasures (like that hot pair of ankle boots you’ve been eyeing up, or reruns of Sex In The City you know word for word) and unearth all of the fun that makes you the saucy, passionate and fabulous mama you are inside. 

Featured in New Beauty Magazine, New York Family Magazine, Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect and Harper Collins “Digital Mom Handbook”, Complicated Mama began in 2008 and collectively reaches more than 32,000 followers, fans and subscribers!


Cottonelle- Fashion Week 2013

Oh, hey there busy lady!

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