April 24, 2014

Fall Harvest Pumpkin-Carrot Cupcakes {Recipe}

Pumpkin carrot cupcakes

My friend Amy is by far one of the most talented bakers I know. Her Instagram pictures always leave me drooling, and the tragedy of it all is that approximately 5 years ago she decided to relocate to Florida!  BOO. Feast your eyes, on Amycakes latest creation... Pumpkin Carrot Cupcakes ... with a pumpkin fluff center and a ginger snap garnish umm.. hello fall-heaven! So today Amy is sharing her recipe, so that we may all have a … [Read more...]

Picky Eater Idea: Grilled Cheese Pops

grilled cheese pops kraft

With my first child, God blessed me with a true foodie. My aspiring Cake Boss loves making food just as much as eating it. Even as a toddler, he would try pretty much everything you gave him. He didn't have many dislikes - well except mashed potatoes – which still BLOWS. MY. MIND. Who doesn't like mashed potatoes??  Still, I was lucky (more mashed potatoes for me) . Oh, how I wish I had only truly appreciated how good I had it when it came to … [Read more...]

Easy As ABC Chicken Soup {Recipe}

Simple Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Flu shots. I hate them. This year was the first year I've ever taken the kids for one- and only because the little miss' Preschool required it- and now? She's sick. This afternoon was filled with a 101 fever, yucky eye-goo, and just a whole lot of whining. Fun times, thanks Doc. When dinner time rolled around she said to me: "Mommy, you fix me. You give me Sponge Bob...." (Our thermometer) "You give me candy..." (The Pedisure for her … [Read more...]