July 29, 2014

The Answer to the "Can I have a snack?" woes

You know when you meet another Mom and for whatever reason you just instantly click? Maybe it's your hobbies, the bags under each other's eyes, or the wine you both need so desperately after being surrounded by kids all day long. Whatever it is- you just know this Mom-friend  instantly "Gets you" on some level. I met one of those Moms last February on the last day of Toy Fair. I was exhausted from hoofing it around the Jacob Javitz Center for … [Read more...]

It's A Book, Jackass. But- Is It a Children's Book?

Now that The Complicated Boy is in school (Full Time... HOLLA!!) I get to enjoy some- as he calls them- "Boring An-dult shows" with my morning coffee. Today, I flipped the channels and ended up tuning into "Regis and Kelly", where they opened up the show by reading a portion of a new children's book called "It's A Book". In the book, one character reads a book and the other, a "computer geek" sits there puzzled by it, trying to figure out just … [Read more...]

Ending The Summer with Lunchables 'Created By You' Play date

Lunchables At Home Created By You Party

The sun is setting earlier, the weather is cooling down, and here in NJ it has been cold and rainy- for THREE days! The Lunchables "Created By You" Party that I was asked to host for my neighbors and family couldn't have come at a better time. If you are reading this site for a while, you may notice that I work with Lunchables often. Its not only because my son enjoys their products from time to time, but because they are one of most caring … [Read more...]