July 30, 2014

When I dip, you dip, we dip

Photo Credit: Suzanne Chan of Mom Confessionals

I love BBQ season for 3 reasons... 1. The husband cooks dinner (SCORE!) 2. There's always new dip recipes being shared 3. The husband cooks dinner ... oh, wait- did I say that already? Ok, so maybe I love BBQ season for 2 reasons... but the 1st one is weighted just a *teensy* bit heavier. But besides, pairing me with a cooking husband what's a more perfect pairing than chips and dip- really? ... and last week I missed what was … [Read more...]

Easy BBQ desserty’s, appetizery’s all things ending in Y ideas

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UPDATED: May 28 2010 {{As we gear up for another Marvelous Memorial Day Weekend, I thought I would re-share ..... Enjoy your weekend of Rest, Yummy Food, Great Friends & Family... and of course Memorial Day Margaritas! :) }} Summer is in full swing, ok well maybe not in full swing-- but its getting there, and BBQ's are filling up calendars all over. I love BBQ's, I love the easiness of them, the socializing, the kids playing, … [Read more...]