How to Make A Hair Bow Bun {Video Tutorial}

It’s no secret, I love playing hairstylist. Braids, buns, curls- I love it all… and thankfully, so does my daughter.

I’ve been seeing pictures of  Hair Bow Buns all over, and while it’s not a style I would “rock” myself, I think it is super cute for little girls. So, a few weeks ago Laina and I gave it a whirl. It turned out really cute and was surprisingly easy.

A lot of people asked how I did it, so I thought I would do a quick tutorial.

Step 3: Take the excess hair and smooth with gel.

Step 1: Make a tight pony. Do not pull through the last loop of hair completely. It should look like a bun with a strip of excess hair face-forward.

Step 2: Secure strip with bobby pin.

Step 4: Separate the bun evenly and pull backwards the gelled  strip of excess hair. Pin and secure in the back of the hair tie with bobby pin

Step 5: Wrap hair ends around and tuck under the hair bow with bobby pins.


Originally posted on : 10/24/12



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  1. ncristine says

    this is just super adorable! I actually go to school with Delaina and she is just the custest! last week when we were taking our buddies to church, Delaina was doing a bun on herself and it was breathtaking! the fact that she knows how to do one on herself and that I didn’t learn how to do a simple bun on myself until like a month ago was just astonishing, and that’s that I’m in the eighth grade! she is incredibly talented and sweet and you must be very proud because you are raising your children so well so congratulations to you for being a great mother! i can’t wait until our field trip to the soup kitchen with her and her classmates! great blog by the way I love it!


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